Coconut Deodorant Bundle

Sola Skincare

  • Get three of our top selling 70g Coconut Deodorants in a bundle and save!

    Virgin Coconut Oil is soothing to the skin and contains lauric acid which kills odor-causing bacteria. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture, while aluminum free baking soda absorbs odors. The Chinese herbs used are naturally antibacterial and help to maintain adequate nourishment to the skin.

    This neutral deodorant is terrific for all genders, and is a safe choice for preteens new to deodorant products.

  • To use, simply dip a clean finger into the Coconut Deodorant. Use about a pea-sized amount for each underarm. Rub evenly into clean dry skin and get on with your day.

    Warmer weather note: One of the main ingredients in our Coconut Deodorant is Coconut Oil, which becomes liquid at 76 degrees. Warmer summer temperatures may cause your deodorant to soften a bit. This is normal, and can be remedied by refrigerating it for a short period of time to firm it back up.

    If you experience any irritation to your skin while making the switch to our natural deodorant, please see Coconut Deodorant: Caring For Your Skin.
  • Ingredients: Baking Soda**, Coconut Oil*, Arrowroot powder, Olive Oil* infused with Chinese herbs (Zhi Mu & Sheng Di Huang) and Beeswax

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    **Aluminum Free

    Preservative Free / Not tested an animals

    Making the transition to natural deodorant:
    Some folks can be sensitive to deodorants containing baking soda. Some suggest that people who have used conventional antiperspirants go through a detox phase as the body is releasing the chemical build-ups. Some also suggest weaning yourself off your regular antiperspirant while you're transitioning to a more natural one. As with all skincare products, if you experience any irritation we recommend that you discontinue use. Some have found that making a gradual transition from their old antiperspirant to Sola's Coconut Deodorant helped the skin transition better.

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Karen L.

I love this deodorant! Easy to apply, pleasant aroma and it works great with no irritation and no chemicals. I have recommended it to many friends and family already!

Shawna L.
Canada Canada
I love this product!

I have literally tried everything (including Botox) to control my perspiration/deodorant issues brought on by Menopause. The Sola Coconut Deodorant WORKS! I absolutely love it! Thank you for making this amazing product, Christine!

April L.
Canada Canada
It really works!

Loving this natural deodorant! I use it when I workout and Im still smelling fresh even after working up a good sweat. I feel great that it is natural and locally made with love.. will for sure order again! thank you Christine! - April Lacheur

Vanessa M.
United States United States
Bitter Sweet Relationship

I've been buying this product for a couple of months now. The bitter part of this deodorant is that it leaves my underarms DARK (I've never hard dark underarms before). I am not sure if the natural deodorant is burning my skin? But there is a DARK circle where I apply my daily Sola deodorant (Nor have I used any other deodorant since). Also, since it is coconut (oil) deodorant, whenever I wear tank tops in this hot weather, the product literally melts down my underarm. And as mentioned before, when my deodorant runs, it stains my clothes yellow. BUT the sweet part is that the deodorant actually holds up for me! I haven't found myself needing to scrub my underarms and reapply midday! So I am not sure whether this will have to be ideal for summer, but it will have to do for now.

Sola Skincare Coconut Deodorant Bundle Review
Nicole F.
Canada Canada
Amazing as always!!!

I’ve search for many years for a deodorant that fought wetness and smell. Despite trying regular and even clinical strengths, I was constantly finding a need to reapply 2-3 times per day. After making the switch to Sola I can honestly say, I never smell or feel wet. Having a deodorant that is all natural and that works so incredibly well is just an added bonus for me! I’ve been so impressed that I have recommended it to friends, my sister and my mom all of whom are hooked!