Our Story

Sola Skincare was created out of a desire to provide skincare products that are honestly natural, safe for the skin and above all else, truly effective.

"What you put on your skin, you put in your body."  This truth sparked the beginning of Sola Skincare, and is at the core of our commitment to using only pure, premium ingredients that truly nourish your skin.  Our passion is to provide honest skincare that's as safe for your body as it is effective and rejuvenating for your skin. 

Since our launch in 2013, Sola's skincare line has grown to include cleansing grains, balancing face oil, toner, skin balms and salves, beard & shave oil, and our best-selling coconut deodorant.  Our skincare products are handmade in small batches and incorporate the proven benefits of traditional Chinese and western herbs through a slow-infusion process.

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Sola's Coconut Deodorant

How Sola's Coconut Deodorant came to be:

Our best-selling Coconut Deodorant has been garnering rave reviews and enthusiastic fans since its launch in 2013. Handmade without any artificial perfumes or fillers, it's aluminum-free and uses only top-quality natural ingredients. And it really works: our Coconut Deodorant can stand up to the sweatiest workouts and most stressful days. It works so well because it's formulated with ingredients that naturally absorb moisture and kill odor-causing bacteria. Infused with a skin-nourishing blend of Chinese herbs, this deodorant also helps soothe irritation and keep skin soft and smooth.

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Meet the Sola team


Christine is the creative force behind Sola Skincare, managing product development, operations and customer service. An entrepreneur and optimist with a deep love for nature and community, she believes that good business can make the world a better place. Known by her friends as a wannabe homesteader, Christine likes to spend her time hanging out with family and friends, going to see live music, tending her backyard veggie garden & learning more about the world and how she can make it a better place by reducing waste and sharing her knowledge with friends, Sola fans and family.

Eran is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, a translator, a musician and a lover of the Chinese Language. His extensive knowledge of Chinese Medicine has guided the development of Sola's product blends, many of which are enhanced with Chinese herbs that best compliment and balance the skin. Read more about Eran here.

We are a family-run business, proudly making our products locally in Vancouver, BC, where we live with our two lovely girls, Sophie and Lila.