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  • Every so often when making products by hand, sometimes tins are overfilled and the container won't close properly. Or maybe it's ever-so-slightly underfilled.
    Maybe while putting lids on, a lid has been dropped and it's made a blemish in the product.
    Or maybe as it happens sometimes, the bottom and the top lid just don't fit quite right, and will need to stay on a counter and not brought along in the gym bag.
  • Sometimes when working with local beeswax, there are flecks of propolis mixed in with the beeswax. It's not harmful, it's just cosmetically imperfect.
  • This last batch of Lavender Deodorant had some tins with a slight colour discolouration. It works just as great as usual, but is cosmetically imperfect.

    As we are so passionate about zero waste, we think it would be a shame to throw out these cosmetically imperfect products, so instead we offer them up at a 20% discount.

Collections: Body

Type: Body Balm

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Chantal T.
Canada Canada
Seconds but Prime loving products! :-)

I ordered the seconds just because it was the packaging that was different and not standard but sincerely, this is what I love about Sola Skincare, the product in the container is amazing, love the coconut deodorant, it is fantastic, not irritation, no smell and really so comfortable to wear. I haven’t used anything since I saw it for the first time on the Marilyne Dennis show. Was curious, gave it a try and never looked back. As far as the whole concept of Sola, I love, being conscious of the environment, reusing everything on hand for packaging, which makes it special and always curious to see my next packaging on my order. Love, Love, Love!!

Sola Skincare 'Seconds' Review
Jenn C.
Canada Canada
Tattoo care & more

I love this stuff! I bought the all better balm for my new tattoo aftercare and it so great. Keeps it looking fresh & new. I have found this is my go to now for all things skin related...dry patches, cuts, bruises, bug bites, sunburn, itch....everything. It’s the best!!!

A Sola Skincare Customer
Anat R.
Perfection as always

This is the best deodorant I've ever used. It's pleasant even on sensitive skin and is the only natural deodorant that makes me smell nice. Even post-sweating this product removes unpleasant odors. I love it.

Karen M.

Amazing!! I buy your seconds because I love your products and frankly, I love a good deal! Karen

Ashley L.

Great product, works well!! 0 complaints