Lemongrass Deodorant Bundle

Sola Skincare

  • Get three of our top selling 60g Lemongrass Deodorants for sensitive skin in a bundle and save!

    After many many trials, we are thrilled to announce our *NEW* safe and effective natural deodorant especially formulated for sensitive skin.

    Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture, virgin Coconut Oil is soothing to the skin and contains lauric acid which kills odor-causing bacteria, Magnesium Hydroxide is deodorizing and the small amount of aluminum free baking soda in our sensitive skin formula, helps to absorb odors. The Chinese herbs used are naturally antibacterial and help to maintain adequate nourishment to the skin and the Lemongrass and Tea Tree essential oils added are antimicrobial and deodorizing and smell bright and uplifting!

    This formulation contains less baking soda than our original Coconut Deodorant; some people may need to reapply to find the same effectiveness as our Coconut Deodorant.

    This neutral deodorant is terrific for all genders, and is a safe choice for preteens new to deodorant products.
  • To use, simply dip a clean finger into the Lemongrass Deodorant. Use about a pea-sized amount for each underarm. Rub evenly into clean dry skin and get on with your day.

    Warmer weather note: One of the main ingredients in our Lemongrass Deodorant is Coconut Oil, which softens and liquifies at 76 degrees. Warmer summer temperatures may cause your deodorant to soften a bit. This is normal, and can be remedied by refrigerating it for a short period of time to firm it back up.

  • Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, Coconut Oil*, Magnesium Hydroxide, Olive Oil* infused with Chinese herbs (Zhi Mu & Sheng Di Huang), Baking Soda**, Beeswax and Essential Oils of Lemongrass* & Tea Tree*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    **Aluminum Free

    Preservative Free / Not tested an animals

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Jamie M.
Smells fantastic!

I have been using this deodorant for years and I find it easy to use and effective. It is also great for travelling.

Kathy L.
Canada Canada
Best Deodorant Ever

I have been a long time user of lemongrass deodorant. I absolutely love it. At first you might think it strange to have to scoop and rub a deodorant into your armpits but it is a daily ritual I look forward to each morning. Because you have to rub it in, it makes you become in tune to any irregular lumps you hopefully will never find. So consider a daily health check as well! Speaking of health, the all natural ingredients that go into this little tin of goodness assures me that I am not putting unnecessary and toxic products on my body. Did I also mention it smells great? There is nothing like deeply inhaling a fresh lemon smell first thing in the morning. One note: if on the very unlikely event you find the consistency changes, heat it at 200 degrees for 20 minutes with lid off, give it a stir and let cool. Voila! You will be back to a smooth and creamy little tin of goodness!

Helen P.
Canada Canada
Lemon grass is where its at

Great stuff. Really great stuff!!

Bonnie T.
Canada Canada
works great - smells great

This is my favorite Sola product. It is easy to apply, and I love the fresh scent of the lemongrass. I will never go back to drugstore deodorant. Thank you, Sola.

Michelle P.
Canada Canada
Lemongrass Deodorant Bundle

I’ve been committed to the original coconut deodorant for years and the lemongrass is just as effective and I love the scent. I’ll continue to switch back and forth and the bundles are great for stocking up. This way I won’t run out and foolishly try to find a replacement while I wait for my order.