Creating Balancing Face Oil

April 29, 2013

When we started on this whole natural skincare adventure, one of the first things I wanted to create was a moisturizer.  Being in my thirties, I was starting to notice fine lines, skin that wasn’t as smooth as it used to be, and my skin just didn’t look great.  I wanted the skin of my youth, when my skin was sun-kissed and glowing, but obviously knowing that basking in the sun wasn’t going to help in the wrinkle department... but I digress. 

I started doing my research, and the first thing I decided was that I wanted to make a face oil, and not a lotion.  Most lotions are a combination of oils and water, and the emulsification of the two gives the creamy lotion consistency we all know well.  The only problem with lotions is that once you introduce water, the countdown is on until it goes bad.  You’d need to add preservatives to keep it fresh, and I just didn’t want to use any preservatives.

Learning about different oils, their natural shelf lives, and how you can add certain oils to extend the shelf life of others, I realized I could do this without needing to add preservatives.  I also looked into which essential oils I would use to scent the oil, as well as to impart their amazing benefits to the oil.

Then Eran selected the Chinese herbs for the face oil, all of which have amazing effects on the skin, and I created the herb infusions for Sola's Balancing Face Oil.

Sola Skincare Chinese Herbs

I’m so happy with how it came out, and am so grateful for the feedback I received in the early stages of development from others who tried it as my guinea pigs, and now from those who've made the Balancing Face Oil an essential part of their daily skin routine.

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