A love letter to Renew Face Oil

February 14, 2023

Oh Renew Face Oil, how I love thee. It started as a craft series in limited quantities, but quickly became part of the regular Sola line-up.
Why do we love Renew Face Oil so much? 


First of all let's chat about the properties of the ingredients.... they are stellar! Abundant in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins which are critical in keeping skin hydrated.  They also have strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties, to help clear acne and re-balance oil levels on the skin. The high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants can improve collagen formation and help enhance skin elasticity.

Then the herbs, oh the Chinese herbs... Formulated by Dr. Eran Even, a master herbalist and Dr. of Chinese medicine, he knows how to blend the herbs to get the right combo for what we want - also, sweet bonus, he's my lovely husband; so yes of course I'm biased ;)

The Chinese herbs in this face oil brighten dull looking skin, soften wrinkles and balance acne-prone skin. They promote healthy blood circulation, are anti-inflammatory, and relieve heat and redness to reveal clean, clear and radiant skin.

What's not to love?

Our customers love it too, and I'm hearing over and over again about glowing skin and how this has become a new favourite. Here's what some of them say:

  • "The Balancing Face Oil was a favourite from the moment I tried it, but then the Renew Face Oil was launched and I decided to give it a try. It's my new favourite - I love how my skin soaks it in, looks radiant and smooth, and feels so good. My skin tends to be dry, so I find that the Renew Face Oil works especially well to keep me moisturized for longer."
  • "I'm at a weird age where I need to start worrying about wrinkles but I still have a fair amount of acne. Ever since using this product my skin is so clear and soft. It just feels and looks healthy."
  • "This oil feels like every day is a luxurious spa day. Absolutely amazing."
  • "The Renew Face Oil with the Rose Hydrosol was a lovely combination that absorbed immediately. They are lovely products for older skin without sitting on the face."
  • "This Renew Face Oil quickly became the star of my morning routine. I find it to be lighter in texture/scent and loved that it immediately absorbed into my skin. It creates an excellent canvas before applying makeup."
  • "After recently starting a Retin A Micro regimen to attack severe acne, it left me with what the internet dubbs the Retinol Uglies. My face was red, peeling, irritated and it was sore. I immediately incorporated the Renew Face Oil into my morning routine and applied more oil on top of the patches that hurt the most. Literally a few days later, the patches were gone and my face began to heal."
  • "The Renew Facial Oil has done remarkable things for my face in the short time that I have used it. It has helped me with a few spots of adult acne and eczema that I get and have to use prescription strength ointment for but I applied the RFO to my face that night, the acne and eczema inflammation went away by the next morning and was less noticeable."

Have you tried our Renew Face Oil yet?

I always recommend using it alongside Rose Hydrosol. You can adjust the ratio of each, to find the perfect blend for you.

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