Coconut Deodorant

Every Folk: Candace

January 13, 2023

Meet Candace: Every Folk Series

Meet Candace, a woman with sensitive skin and an active interest in green living. She tried the Sola Coconut Deodorant, All Better Balm, Soft Skin Balm, and the Bare Bum Balm. Here is what she said about Sola Skincare: 

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Why We Use Our Fingers to Put On Natural Deodorant

May 01, 2018

Using Your Finger for Natural Deodorant

Does using your fingers to apply deodorant seem strange to you? I you are looking to make the change to finger-pot deodorants, but you question the application, here are some points we've considered as to why changing our thinking around these conventions is a commitment to a clean and green lifestyle. 

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Every Folk: Meg

June 28, 2017

 Meet Meg. She's 23 years old, lives in the Okanagan Valley, and she's going back to school in the fall to pursue becoming a teacher. Meg tried our Coconut Deodorant, Bare Bum Balm, Relief Balm and Rose Hydrosol. Here's what Meg had to say...

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Every Folk: Lindsay

May 23, 2017

every folk post solaskincare lindsay

Meet Lindsay, a 34-year-old communications specialist and freelance writer from Vancouver BC. Lindsay tried our Coconut Deodorant, Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains, and Balancing Face Oil. Here's what she had to say...

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Every Folk: Danielle

April 07, 2017

Danielle of Wild Coast Tales

Meet Danielle, a 28-year old communications professional living and working in Vancouver, British Columbia. She tried the Sola Balancing Face Oil, Rose Hydrosol, Coconut Deodorant, and the Soft Skin Balm. This is what she said about trying these products for the first time...

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Every Folk: Lara

March 21, 2017

Lara Every Folk
Meet Lara, a 39-year-old urban planner from Toronto. She started using Sola Skincare products a couple of years ago, looking for simple beauty solutions and a natural deodorant that works under pressure. Now she can’t live without the Sola Coconut Deodorant, Balancing Face Oil, and Rose Hydrosol which are all part of her daily face and body care routine.

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Every Folk: Rosa

March 12, 2017

Every Folk RosaMeet Rosa, a 39-year-old mother with sensitive skin and new convert to natural skin care. Here's what she said about Sola Skincare: 

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Every Folk: Katie & Nick

March 03, 2017

Katie's Family Meet Katie, a 33-year-old mother, who has been searching for effective natural skin care for her combination and dry skin. 

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Why We Should Let the Body Sweat with Natural Deodorant

February 22, 2017


By allowing—even encouraging—the body to sweat, we are activating one of the body's systems of detox. Read on to learn why we like letting our body sweat...

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Every Folk Series: Tania

February 01, 2017

Meet Tania, a 35-year-old active mom, who tried three of Sola Skincare's all-natural products. Here is her take, "If Confidence Came in a Product":

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2016 Sola Year in Review

January 13, 2017

sola 2016 best year
aka the year we were compared to a unicorn!

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Every Folk Series: Amy

January 12, 2017

sola skincare review every folk series

Meet Amy, a busy 19 year-old student

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