chinese herbal infusions: all better balm

May 12, 2022

 Sola Skincare's  All Better Balm is the grown up version of our Bare Bum Balm. 

Our Bare Bum Balm was originally created as a soothing balm for the diaper change area. It quickly became our go-to when our kids were younger, whenever our girls had cuts or scrapes, bumps and bruises (real or imaginary), chapped skin from colds to licking their lips too much, and pretty much everything in between.

All Better Balm is the adult version. It contains a higher concentration of essential oils, has a different scent profile and some different ingredients, but it works just as well on many minor skin irritations, from eczema to bug bites, cuts & scrapes, burns and rashes... you name it, if your skin is irritated, All Better Balm can help. 

Here's a quick video detailing the infusion process: 


We’ve also had many people use it with great success on eczema. The healing properties of the Chinese herbs and calendula infusion address those irritations, and many others.




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