Ingredient Spotlight: Carrot Seed Oil

April 29, 2013

One of the main essential oils in the Balancing Face Oil is carrot seed essential oil.  The benefits of carrot seed oil are many. The oil’s high carotol content gives it regenerative properties, which helps with dull and aging skin.  It’s also high in antioxidants (Vitamin E and Vitamin C), which work together to encourage healing and rejuvenating in skin cells.It’s wonderful to use in blends for dry and/or maturing skin because of all the regenerative benefits it has. 

Carrot seed oil naturally has an earthy scent, and helps shape the aroma of the Balancing Face Oil. Many of us are so used to floral scents, or the artificial scents of many of the products we have been using for years. I think for some it’s a bit of a change; the blend of nourishing oils and herbs in the Balancing Face Oil creates a scent that's earthy and grounding, rather than artificial and perfume-y.  

Sola Skincare Balancing Face Oil

I always use it with the Rose Hydrosol, so I get a mix of scents from the roses and the face oil. Regardless of whether the scent is new to you or not, you can be rest assured that the scent blends in and absorbs into your skin - and after a few minutes, you can't smell it anymore anyways! To us, the amazing benefits of the natural ingredients in the face oil make embracing a new scent totally worth it.

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