Bare Bum Balm and Chick Pea Blondies

October 09, 2013

Today I was busy getting new labels written out and ordered, working out the design and text for our new Bare Bum Balm (which will be making it’s debut later this month), and generally doing some thinking on how to word things, different containers to consider, that sort of thing.  Sometimes the thinking part takes up a large part of the day, and I feel like I don't have a lot to show for it.

I’ve been working on a few new products lately. First up is a diaper balm called “Bare Bum Balm”, which I’m finally getting labels made for after hearing from a friend that our Bare Bum Balm cleared up her newborns persistent rash in two days.

I’ve also been furiously working on a healing balm of sorts, and I think I’m getting very close (on the 10th version as we speak), but am still working on a name. I’ve bounced around “Dry Skin Salve," “Body Balm," but I’m not thrilled with those.  I’ve been using it primarily on my feet at nighttime, a nice thick layer, socks on top, and in the morning I seriously have the softest feet in the house.  I love it, I’m just not sure if it’s perfect yet, or what to call it.  It’s optimal for dry, cracked skin that needs extra moisture. But also works wonderfully on arms and legs, it’s just heavier than a typical moisturizer….

And then of course I needed to take a break and eat, and came across this amazing recipe yesterday for Flourless Chocolate Chip Chick Pea Blondies, and it promised that it was delicious and only took 5 minutes to prepare - I was sold.  True on all accounts – so delicious, and I’ll have a healthy snack to bring Sophie when I pick her up after school.

So now, back to work, I need to make a batch of Bare Bum Balm, finish off the info for the graphic designer, send it off, and attend to the rest of my list! Hope everyone is having a productive Wednesday!

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