Golden Bare Bum Balm Herb-Infused Oil

October 31, 2014

Golden Bare Bum Balm Herb-Infused Oil

I love the deep golden hue our infused Bare Bum Balm olive oil takes on after being infused with herbs for months...

The oil gets the colours from Chinese herbs Gan Cao, Chi Shi Zhi, Huang Bai, Zi Cao and Western herb Calendula Officinalis.

After the herbs have been soaking in organic olive oil for a month or two, I strain the herbs out, and we are left with this amazingly healing oil, coloured a beautiful deep golden yellow.

Our girls love this balm the most. They’ve moved on from needing it as a bum balm, and now it’s used as a healing balm for any and all owies.

Bare Bum Balm strained herb oil

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