Fire Cider

February 23, 2014

Fire Cider

Late September and early October is when we start to feel the changing of seasons. The temperature drops, the leaves start to turn, and the sniffles usually make an appearance. I used to turn to over the counter cold and flu medications and lozenges, but over the past few years, there has been a change. The turn towards more natural alternatives, from toothpaste to skincare (of course!), to immune boosting recipes. I learned about Fire Cider, which is a traditional folk remedy full of decongestant and spicy circulatory moving ingredients. It’s meant to boost your natural health processes, stimulate digestion and warm you up.

I followed this recipe and have been using it all winter. It seems to be doing the trick and keeping those illnesses at bay, whenever I start to feel the sniffles come on, I take some of this (along with other immune boosting things like elderberry syrup, garlic infused honey, vitamin D and lots and lots of ginger/turmeric/honey tea).

Have you tried Fire Cider?

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