How Long Does Your Coconut Deodorant Last?

February 26, 2014

How Long Does Your Coconut Deodorant Last?

I’ve had a few questions like this, and I’ve tended to give a general range answer. First off, not everyone is the same, not everyone will use it every day, some people will use more than others, etc., so I usually would say that I thought the small 35g Coconut Deodorant below lasts about a month or two.

deodorant lasts 2

I decided it was about time I found out for sure how long it lasts. Normally, Eran and I share our Coconut Deodorant, no use having two of the same products in the bathroom, but for this to be a proper scientific experiment*, I needed to control my variables…

I opened up a newly poured 35g Coconut Deodorant. Labeled the date I started using it, with a warning”For Christine Only!” so Eran wouldn’t mess with my very scientific findings**. I went about my business for over two months, and the small tin was still not empty! After 71 whopping days, finally I had scraped out every last little bit of armpit goodness. Worry free, toxic free, safe, but mostly (because really, nobody wants to stink!), effective deodorant!

Coconut Deodorant 35g

So, for just 21 cents a day, you too can sleep easy knowing you’re using a safe and effective deodorant. For many people, paying $15 for deodorant is kind of out of their comfort zone. But with everything, it’s not about how much it costs, it’s about how you view its worth. To me, 21 cents a day is totally acceptable. I know I’m not putting any hormone disrupting chemicals near my armpit, to be absorbed into my skin, lymph glands, bloodstream, wherever it will end up.  I think this is especially important for kids who are starting to hit puberty, starting to need to use a deodorant. Why not start them off with a safe alternative?

*this was in no way a proper science experiment

**again, not very scientific, but scientific enough.

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