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February 17, 2016

Spotlight on Soft Skin Balm…

Soft Skin Balm Sola Skincare

Spring is just around the corner, but the cold temperatures are still here, and I definitely have parts that get quite dry, and that includes my hands.

I recently even got a little crack right where my cheek meets my ear, that was a first! I blame walks in the cold brisk air. While great to get out and get some fresh air, sometimes the cold air does a number on my skin. I applied a heavy layer of the Soft Skin Balm to the little dry crack that had formed, and overnight it healed and was baby soft again. 

I seriously love this balm. It is so hydrating, it lasts for HOURS without having to reapply. It only contains 3 ingredients + 2 essential oils. Simple, effective, totally natural and totally moisturizing. Plus it smells heavenly.

Someone recently left a review on our site that just made our hearts sing. We love hearing that others love the goods we put so much thought into, as much as we do.

Katie said: "I have a bit of a hand cream addiction, and wash my hands a lot. This is one of the very best I've tried -- it smells amazing, absorbs quickly, and makes my skin so happy."

Happy customers are our number one priority, so when we get feedback like that, we feel like we are doing something right.

Find our Soft Skin Balm here.


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