Plastic-Free Face Wash: Lavender and Adzuki Cleansing Grains

January 26, 2022

Plastic-Free Face Wash: Lavender and Adzuki Cleansing Grains

Sola Skincare Lavender and Adzuki Cleansing Grains


Today I mixed up a fresh batch of Lavender & Adzuki Cleansing Grains. It contains 3 simple and organic ingredients: oats, adzuki beans and lavender. This combination does a wonderful job of gently and effectively cleansing your face.

There have been more and more stories popping up here and there, talking about the negative and harmful effects of plastic microbeads, often used in many commercial personal care products from toothpaste to facewash.

There are a few reasons I don’t think that’s a good idea.

1. You don’t need plastic to wash your face

2. You rinse that plastic down the drain and that plastic is so tiny, it slips through many filtration systems, and ends up in our waterways where it becomes fish food

3. These microplastics can absorb toxins from the water (pollutants, pesticides, etc), which are consumed by fish, which could have a detrimental effect on their reproductive systems

4. If you eat fish, what happens when those toxins travel up the food chain to your dinner table?

Some good news is that many companies are taking steps to remove these microbeads from their products, but some of them have a 4 year timeline. A lot of damage can be done in those 4 years.

Lavender grains envelope


It just comes down to the fact that you do not need plastic in your face wash, you just don’t. Use cleansing grains, use honey, use natural exfoliants… There are so many alternatives these days, and the general population is becoming more and more educated on the detrimental effects of plastic in personal care products, which is fantastic.

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