Saving Face: Sola Cleansing Grains

November 17, 2015

Nope, I’m not talking about wanting to avoid embarrassment because of a blunder. This is about keeping my face clean and healthy without having to use harsh cleansers full of irritating chemicals and questionable ingredients.

Cleansing Grains

I thought I’d share my face washing routine, since some people are unfamiliar with how cleansing grains work. It’s a dry powder blend that you mix with a bit of water or honey to create a nice paste. Cleansing grains gently cleanse, mildly exfoliate, and retain the balance of moisture in your skin. Cleansing grains keep your skin healthy, glowing and feeling smooth and soothed.

I created two different types of cleansing grains for our company. Lavender & Adzuki Cleansing Grains and Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains. The basis of both is organic whole oats. Oats contain saponins, a gentle cleansing agent. They also exfoliate gently, soothe irritation and retain moisture in your skin.


In addition to oats, the Lavender & Adzuki Cleansing Grains contain adzuki beans which also contain saponins and gently exfoliate your skin. We top if off with ground lavender flowers which are balancing, healing and clarifying. I typically use the Lavender & Adzuki Cleansing Grains in the summer, where I feel like I need a bit more cleansing action.


The Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains are my current go-to. The slightly sweet and mild floral scent is just so nice and  gentle on my skin. In addition to the oats, this blend also contains goat’s milk powder with naturally occuring lactic acid, which gently and naturally rejuvenates the skin.  Lastly are the floral components… Roses which soothe the skin and encourage cell turnover and calendula which is healing and promotes skin regeneration.

To use, simply pour about a half  teaspoon of grains in the palm of your hand. Add enough water to make a paste. Gently wash your face using small, circular movements. Don’t forget your neck and chest.  Rinse off and pat dry.

cleansing grains and honey

Lately what I’ve been doing is mixing the grains with honey, and using that paste as my face wash. Honey is antibacterial, clarifying, moisturizing and full of antioxidants. It’s quick, cost effective, safe and feels great (just make sure you use raw honey, not the stuff that comes in the plastic bear).

Best thing about the cleansing grains is they don’t contain plastic microbeads that end up accumulating in our waterways and oceans.

Personally, I don’t believe you need to use harsh cleansers on your skin for everyday use. Most of us lead relatively sedentary lives. Unless your job leaves you grimy and greasy at the end of the day, from my perspective, gentle and natural cleansers are all you need. Too many typical cleansers have harsh detergents and poor quality and cheap ingredients.

It’s not what I’d like to put on my skin.

Have you ever tried cleansing grains?

What’s your face wash routine?

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