Kegels and Cocktails and Soft Skin Balm - Oh My!

June 12, 2015

I was thrilled when asked to be a vendor again at an annual event put on for women called Kegels and Cocktails. It’s a fun and informative event hosted by local superhero Kim Vopni of Bellies Inc. kegels and cocktails crowd
The night was full of great information about pelvic floor health (why doesn’t anyone tell you this stuff before you have children?!?), good laughs, cocktails, snacks and of course, vulva cupcakes…. vulva cupcakes
Yes, you heard me right. I said vulva cupcakes (they were delicious by the way).
There were also a few vendor tables and I was happy to be back. Kim calls me her “Deodorant Dealer”, and I love it!
sola display birth talks
It’s been great getting to know people in the community as word gets out more and more about our little company. I had a few ladies come up and tell me they’ve been using our products and love them. Many others were excited to try our goods, of course most notably, our Coconut Deodorant.kegels and cocktails chatting
It was so nice being in a room full of awesome women, with speakers sharing their knowledge, and getting to know more and more people in our little community.
After last night, I realized I needed to make more Soft Skin Balm. One awesome mama bought 3 of them for the teachers in her kids lives. Now that would be a great end of year gift!
So I’m whipping up a fresh batch, and after looking at the fluffy shea butter melting, I just had to take a picture.
 shea butter
It is so gorgeous! Plus it’s so amazing for your skin. Hydrating, nourishing, and healing.
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I love it in the winter when my hands get dry, and even more in the summer after working in the garden.

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