Bare Bum Balm: Not for bums only!

July 09, 2015

While at the beach the other day (where we’ve been spending a lot of time lately – not complaining!) a good friend mentioned how she had been using our Bare Bum Balm on a rash that had developed on her older sons body after too much time in the pool. She also was using it for her younger son who had been dealing with some chafing issues. Annoyed that she only bought the smaller container, especially since her son was digging out larger amounts to use :)  Good thing I always keep some in my bag since this balm has proven to be quite the awesome solution when dealing with many minor skin irritations. barnet beach

We use the Bare Bum Balm almost daily. While we’re out of the diaper stage, it’s become our go-to for any kind of boo-boo.

Have an achy knee from growing pains? Bare Bum Balm!

Have a scrape from running around the forest the other day? Bare Bum Balm.

Have an invisible injury on your foot/arm/leg/tummy (Lila)? Bare Bum Balm! View More:

It’s gentle and nourishing and even if there is no injury or scrape (Lila), I’m not worried about over-using it like I would be if it were an over the counter antiseptic type of cream or spray. This balm features organic olive oil infused with healing Chinese and western herbs. While most people haven’t heard about the Chinese herbs Gan Cao, Chi Shi Zhi, Huang Bai and Zi Cao (unless you practice Chinese medicine), most have heard about the healing properties of Calendula.

oils for baby balm

This balm is such an all around soothing balm. It’s one of our most popular, especially when people discover what else you can use it for besides diaper rash. That’s what I love so much about it. It can help out with many different skin irritations, so you don’t need a few products for specific issues. Reducing the amount of products needed is always a good thing.

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