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January 22, 2016

We have been hard at work over the last few months creating our new and improved Sola Skincare website! Have a poke around, sign up for our monthly newsletter (short and sweet and featuring a fabulous deal) and please feel free to leave any reviews for products you've tried of ours in the past!




We are so thrilled with how our site has turned out, and we need to give a *huge* thank you to our amazing friend and now website developer extraordinaire, Amelia Yassin. She has worked tirelessly to build this gorgeous website for us. All of the pictures on our new website were done by her as well, and I knew she would do an amazing job. She has a wonderful eye for detail and amazing taste. I knew she would create something fabulous, but I wasn't exactly sure how amazing it would turn out in the end. We really couldn't be more pleased and are just over the moon.




We were so lucky to meet Amelia and her fabulous husband Ashraf and two smart and silly boys Sam & Hadi a few years back when we lived in the same neighbourhood. Our families quickly became the best of friends, one of those situations where we all really like each other and enjoy each others company! We have had many adventures over the years as friends, from exploring local beaches and parks, celebrating holidays and birthdays, and just hanging out. Leaning on each other during hard times, celebrating the good times... really, I'm talking about lifetime friends and those folks you're so lucky to find and have in your lives. Sadly for us Amelia and her family moved across the country to Ontario two years ago, but we've kept in contact over Skype and have had the chance to catch up in real life as well. I *so* wish we were closer as I miss her and her family dearly and wish they were in our day-to-day lives again, but such is life. Now we have a another new connection that will keep us close.


So thanks Amelia! Thank you for being one of the first testers of our Sola Skincare products and for always being a tireless supporter and cheerleader. Thank you for being an amazing friend over the years, and being such an important part of our lives.  And thank you for creating this gorgeous site. xoxo

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