Greening our food storage

January 29, 2016

We have mostly made the switch from plastic to glass food storage over the last year or so, keeping and using our current plastic tupperware that is in great shape because to me for now, it doesn't make sense to get rid of all the things if they are still useful. We u-pick tons of berries in the summer and freeze them so we can enjoy throughout the year, and well, it's also not always feasible to just get rid of stuff and buy all new stuff. We've also donated all the plastic cups and plates that we had for our girls because I just didn't see the need anymore. They can learn to be careful with glass and ceramic and we've dropped things here or there and been lucky that things haven't broken. I know this isn't the case with all families and you do what makes sense for you, no judgement here.

Abeego Food Wrap Sola Skincare

One thing that was still bothering me was that we were still using plastic wrap to keep cut veggies and other fresh food fresh. I had known about Abeego reusable beeswax food wraps for some time, but hadn't actually bought any until recently. On a recent trip to Pomme Natural Market I picked up 2 packages of Abeego; 6 small wraps and 3 medium wraps. I figured that was a great start and gave me some sizing options.

All you do is wrap whatever you normally would have wrapped in plastic wrap or foil, in Abeego food wraps instead. The warmth from your hands helps to shape the wrap around what you are wrapping, and it stays put. It's kind of like magic.

Abeego Food Wrap Sola Skincare

I had some leftover congee we had made for breakfast in the slow cooker the night before and couldn't find the lid for the glass storage container. Time to bust out the Abeego. It was so easy, so secure, and smells like beeswax. I was happy!  Yesterday I had a half onion that I needed to store. For a minute I considered whether or not the Abeego wrap would take on the smell of the cut onion, but I decided not to worry about it. If it did, it did. When I needed the onion again, I unwrapped it (still as fresh as when I wrapped it), washed the wrap in cold water with a bit of gentle eco dish soap, and it's clean and smells like beeswax again, not a hint of onion.



I am thrilled to be reducing our plastic waste even more and so happy to have found an alternative that works. I read somewhere recently that about 15% of the population will never care about these 'eco' issues, and while I find that disappointing because well, the health of our planet and future generations really do depend on choices we make today, I can't make people believe what I believe, but at least I can do my part and share what works for me. Hopefully more and more people will take the leap, give up plastic wrap and give Abeego a try.

Also, Toni & Colin the folks behind Abeego seem like all around great people.

From their website, this is how it all started for them "We are driven by common sense and a persistent desire to help people change the way they think about their food. We are focused on providing a versatile material that can be used multiple times, in many ways, for varying degrees of food storage; that you can feel good about whole-heartedly. Besides, plastic film has only existed for 50-odd years. The human race has been storing food for ages."

What do you use for food storage? Have you found a replacement that works for you?

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