All Better Balm for road rash relief

July 04, 2023

I received a text alongside this picture, from my neighbour the other day: "Hey! Do you think the All Better Balm would be a winner here?"

I instantly wrote back and said yes, to slather it on... then I asked what happened?
She was running with her sweet pup Mac (I mean, look at this face!)...
Mac got spooked by a bike, and pulled her '...into a new dimension'. He was tied to her waist, so she just couldn't let go, and this was the result. I dropped some at her door, and she sent me this picture, just a week later:
Her skin is looking and feeling so much better, and after only a week.
It's quite a change, helped along by the healing properties of the herbs and ingredients we use in our All Better Balm. She couldn't stop raving about how well it worked, and I'm so happy she shared so I can share this with you. 
All Better Balm
I keep a tin of our All Better Balm in my bag at all times, it comes in so handy for so many purposes, from cuts, scratches and scrapes in Amy's case above, to relieving the sting from sunburn, windburn, bug bites..... helps with dry exzema, burns, help speed healing and is just what I reach for, for any minor skin irritations. I always think it's good to be prepared, so grab a tin today to have on hand!

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