Balancing Face Oil & Rose Hydrosol demo

April 05, 2022

Quick little demo on how to use our best selling duo, Balancing Face Oil & Rose Hydrosol!

It's a little different from typical facial moisturizers, but it's easy to get used to, and you can tailor the ratio of Balancing Face Oil to Rose Hydrosol depending on skin type, season, climate etc!

We recently had a customer named Lorinne reach out to let us know our Balancing Face Oil cleared up her keratosis: 

"I was scheduled for treatment with a plastic surgeon for my sun damaged face, keratosis, when my daughter encouraged me to try Sola Balancing Face Oil. After 2 weeks the scabbing had gone, no more bleeding and healing had begun. I wish I had pictures to send you! Now the worst spot isn’t even visible. I am still using it daily and wouldn’t consider stopping! It is a beautiful healing oil. Thank you so very much!"

I reached out to Lorinne to ask her if she had ended up cancelling her appointment with the plastic surgeon, and here's her response: 

"Hi Christine,

My daughter lives in Comox and her friend introduced her via a sample package, to your products. She thought they were great and she has allergies, sensitive skin, and your products worked so well for her.
No I did not go for treatment with the plastic surgeon! Saved me at least $900, and a severe skin treatment which always made me feel that it was unnecessary - over the top!
Sorry I have no photos, they would be a wonderful testament for your product.
Any other way I can help, let me know and by all means feel free to quote me. 
You have developed a wonderful product line.
All the best to you."
Check out the many reviews on our website for these fabulous products. Customers have experienced relief from keratosis to age spots and eczema to roseacea.

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