DIY Sugar Scrub

June 18, 2018 1 Comment


My skin was pretty dry and flaky after a vacation to Mexico, so I thought I'd whip up a quick and easy sugar scrub.

I just used what I had on hand, so added a few tablespoons of white sugar to a mason jar, added about one tablespoon of coconut oil (you could use olive oil, avocado oil, whatever you have on hand) and some used coffee grinds from our morning coffee. Mixed it up, added a bit more sugar to get it to the consistency I wanted, then used it on my arms and legs in the shower to exfoliate and rehydrate. It was simple, quick and using what I had on hand. Because I used wet coffee grinds it won't last long, so I'll use it up this week.

Easy peasy! And it smelled delicious, which is an extra added bonus!

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January 16, 2019

I have held off ordering more deodorant because the longer I use it, I end up with red armpits. I switch to something else for a short while and then go back, but there must be something a bit too strong for me in the formula. I am not sure if the new formulas may be more gentle? I could not see any other way to send a question or comment, which is why I used the comment box, thanks.

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