Every Folk: Amber and Blair

April 25, 2017

Amber and Blair

Meet Amber and Blair, parents of three children who tried Sola Skincare for the first time. Here's what they had to say:

Amber's Review of the Sola Happy Face Kit

Sola Skincare Lavender and Adzuki Happy Face Kit
I'm a 38-year-old mom of three, and I have fairly normal skin that is not overly oily. I have always tried to find a balance of affordability and quality in my face products, but most importantly, I value locally made and ethically-sourced products. I have finally found everything I have been looking for with Sola Skincare's face collection.

The Lavender and Adzuki Cleansing Grains are wonderful in the morning and are gentle enough to start my morning. My skin is always left refreshed and with a pink glow. I don't scrub hard at all, just gentle rotating circles. My skin feels so awake and alive after using this in the morning. And it is an absolute MUST at night, after a long day of chasing children, wearing makeup, sweating, and touching my face. The Sola Cleansing Grain give me a deep cleanse, while being gentle and even slightly moisturizing.

Amber and Blair's Family

The Sola Balancing Face Oil and combined Rose Hydrosol are absolutely my favourite part of this two-part cleansing regime. I use it both morning and night after the cleansing grains. It literally soaks into my skin. I can feel it re-hydrating my skin. This winter, I have had absolutely no blemishes, no skin cracking, no dry patches, no flaky skin, and no irritations. Nothing. I now wear very little makeup (just a tinted moisturizer with UV and pressed powder, with a bit of blush) for day-to-day.

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Blair's Review of the Sola Soft Skin Balm

Sola Soft Skin Balm

I'm a 42-year-old male, and father of three. I have no regular skin-care practice. Christine asked my wife to try to the Sola Soft Skin Balm, but she made me use it instead because she told me that my hands felt like sandpaper.

So, I've been using Sola Soft Skin Balm for just over two weeks. My hands take abuse with home projects, car repair, kids, housework, and just life in general. My hands were dry and would crack and leave painful cuts.

Before and After Sola Soft Skin Balm

After the first day using the Sola Soft Skin Balm before bed my hands stopped cracking. A few days more and the cracks that I did have were nearly healed. I did not change my routine to "baby" my hands during this time. It just works no matter what you do. The Sola Soft Skin Balm was a welcome relief and I'll continue to use it.

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