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September 21, 2017

Jodi is a documentary and birth photographer, a doula, and a mother of 2 living in Port Moody, BC. She’s 42 and loving life, but her 5 year old tells everyone she’s 21, which is fine by her.

She reviewed some Sola goods, and here are her thoughts....

*Spoiler Alert*: I’m a huge Sola fan. So if you’re waiting for that one review to pop up that says these products aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, prepare to be disappointed. Sola products are the bomb! Allow me to back up a little. 

I’ve known Christine (Owner/Operator/Mastermind at Sola) for several years, and around the time we first met she had just started floating the idea of making her own natural deodorant. Having tried many natural deodorants over the years that left me smelling like a barn animal, there was no way I was trying this new fangled deodorant of hers. After a mutual friend insisted that it worked, I caved in and gave it a go, and I’m happy to say I’ve been a convert ever since. And to be clear, I am not someone who is ok with smelling like nature intended, or whatever people who smell less-than-fresh try to tell you. I’m happy to report that Sola’s Coconut Deodorant totally works. It works on nervous sweat, exercise sweat, trying-to-put-a-carseat-in-your-car sweat—it just works. It goes on so nicely and completely rinses away in the shower (unlike commercial brands of deodorant/anti-perspirant that cumulatively build up and are near-impossible to wash off). 


I tend to be lazy about facial cleansers and moisturizers. I fluctuate between caring and throwing caution to the wind, using whatever happens to be on sale. And guess what? The ‘throw caution to the wind’ thing never seems to work out. Weird, I know.

I had used Sola’s Balancing Face Oil in the past, but refer to my previous ‘lazy’ comment as explanation as to why I ever stopped (I ran out of it and ended up just grabbing something on sale at the grocery store in a moment of desperation). So when Christine asked if I would revisit her Balancing Face Oil, my skin was a hot mess. I had just tried a new moisturizer and a weird hair product (a spray) and within a day or two of starting to use each of them, my face became dry, bumpy, and just overall weird. I ditched those products and started using the Balancing Face Oil and Rose Hydrosol twice daily. Within about 5 days, not only was my face completely healed but it was feeling dewey soft and looking way better than it had it ages. I had used the BFO in the past, but hadn’t tried it with the Rose Hydrosol. Not only am I total convert now, I fully believe that the two products should always be used together. I always really liked the BFO, but using it in concert with the RH has really made a miraculous difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. I use 2 drops of oil and 2 pumps of hydrosol, morning and night, which is enough to do my full face and neck. I pat it on as opposed to rubbing it in (like you would a lotion). The scent is light and fresh, almost earthy in some ways, but I would never think of this product as ‘scented', because it’s not; the light fragrance is simply from the amazing active ingredients.

I also added the Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains to my daily regimen and they are heavenly. I did discover that using them every day was a bit too intense for my sensitive skin in that they were a bit drying, so I have found a perfect balance in using them about 3 times per week. They add a last bit of polish to my skin and are a glorious wake-me-up in the morning. I store my Sola products right where I can grab them when I’m getting ready—next to the bathroom sink. I refuse to even put them in a drawer or cupboard, lest it should take me any extra time to get their goodness working on my skin! 


I have also been using the Soft Skin Balm every chance I get. There is no task (or body part) too big for this little balm. Elbows, knees, hands, lips, face—I use it on everything that needs a little extra softening. In this the season of sandals, I have especially been using it on dry, cracked heels. I’m too vain to have included a ‘before and after’ picture but please take me at my word that my feet are in such great shape thanks in no small part to the Soft Skin Balm. My favourite trick is to slather it on my heels before bed and then wear socks to bed. Within a couple of days of doing this, those deep, dry cracks are radically minimized. I use this on my kids, my husband uses it—it’s truly an all-family balm.


If you’ve never tried a Sola product, treat yourself. Their sampler pack is a great way to try out a few different things. I absolutely love that this is a local company run by a real human who cares deeply about the products she creates, crafts and sells. If you’re ever unsure if a product is right for you or for someone you know, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask Christine


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