Every Folk: Katie & Nick

March 03, 2017

Katie's Family

Meet Katie, a 33-year-old mother, who has been searching for effective natural skin care for her combination and dry skin. She tried the Sola Relief Balm, Calendula and Rose Cleansing Grains, and her and her husband Nick both tried the Coconut Deodorant. Here is what they had to say: 

Relief Balm

Relief Balm 

My skin gets really dry in the winter, and having kids means I wash my hands a lot. I've been using the Relief Balm on my hands before bed and it has made a dramatic difference. The balm warms my hands, goes on smoothly, and helps make my skin soft and smooth. I love the earthy smell, and how much it's transformed my skin without needing to constantly apply it. 

Calendula and Rose Cleansing Grains

Calendula and Rose Cleansing Grains

I've had acne-prone skin since I was a teenage and have tried dozens of products to try to keep my face balanced and calm. The Calendula and Rose Cleansing Grains have made a genuine difference to that end; they gently exfoliate and effectively cleanse. They don't strip the oils from my skin, and leave my face soft. I love the delicate floral scent! I don't foresee myself switching from this lovely product anytime soon. 

Coconut Deodorant Finger Pot

Coconut Deodorant

Katie: When I first heard about the effects of aluminum on the body, I started searching for a more natural deodorant. I tried several brands but none of them were effective enough for my liking. A friend mentioned Sola Skincare, and I looked into the Coconut Deodorant.  At first, the idea of dipping my finger into a pot of deodorant and rubbing it into my armpit seemed a little weird, but the smooth texture and quick absorption soon of the natural deodorant won me over. It's effective (and I sweat more than the average person) and never leaves marks on my clothes. When I forget to use it, I can definitely tell midday. I highly recommend this product to anyone!

Nick: I have been using the Coconut Deodorant for about two weeks now and I'm very impressed. I'm a pretty sweaty guy with oily skin, who typically uses those strong, high-aluminum deodorants.

Since trying the Coconut Deodorant, I have been stink-free this whole time, and I don't have the funny cake-like feeling in my pits that conventional deodorants gave me at the end of the day.

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