Every Folk: Lindsay

May 23, 2017

Meet Lindsay, a 34-year-old communications specialist and freelance writer from Vancouver BC. Read on for her thoughts on our Coconut Deodorant, Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains, and Balancing Face Oil....


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In the past year, I had been making some drastic lifestyle changes. I started eating healthy including eliminating sugar. As I started making improvements, my skin was one of the first things that people noticed a change. My skin was less irritated and red, and my complexion more even and clear. After many months of this healthy lifestyle change, including yoga, hiking, swimming, and other physical activity, I started to think about the products I was using on my skin. I started trying natural skin care and I fell for many products along the way that used the greenwashing technique. When I first met Christine, I was very eager to try her products, which after a short conversation, I discovered were 100% filled with nourishing and natural ingredients.


Coconut Deodorant

I have never tried a natural deodorant before the Coconut Deodorant, so I was not sure what to expect. After a few applications, I had a slight reaction to the baking soda, but I found it went away. I learned that my skin can be especially reactive after shaving, so I tend to avoid it until the skin has time to heal. Other than that, the deodorant works really well to control moisture and odour. It has a slight pleasing scent from the coconut oil, and after long, intense day or an energetic workout, it still works.

With the Coconut Deodorant, I have found that more of the deodorant stays put in my underarms and I have yet to notice any transfer onto my clothes. Many of the deodorants that I used before would leave white marks that would be hard to get out in the washing machine. I’d often have to throw items in again on the hot cycle in order to remove the layer of film, though this was harder on my clothes.

sola skincare every folk post lindsay


Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains

The cleansing grains are a nice end of day ritual; they gently clean the face of dirt and oil without stripping the skin of moisture. The textured grains are mixed with a few drops of water to form a paste, that lightly exfoliates. I believe this has helped to improve the texture of my skin by helping to open the pores and to remove dirt.

My skin is highly sensitive so facial cleansers and creams have to be extremely gentle otherwise I experience redness and even burns on the face. Often cleansing my face has led to tight and dry skin. The cleansing grains leave the skin completely moisturized but without the feeling of dirt or grime from the day. I feel confident in the cleansing grains to clean while keeping my skin healthy.

sola skincare every folk post lindsay


Balancing Face Oil

The Balancing Face Oil is glorious. I love the earthy aroma of the infused herbs. I put several drops into my hand and gently massage it into the face and neck, sometimes with the Rose Hydrosol and sometimes on its own. It feels luxurious on my skin like an expensive serum. I typically love lotions and creams, but the balancing face oil seems to penetrate the skin at a deeper level, providing moisture that lasts the entire day.

The Balancing Face Oil provides a dewy complexion and combined with my skin’s improved texture, I have been inspired to go make-up free more often than not. My friends have commented on my skin’s glow, even with a bare face. I feel much more confident in my skin since using Sola Skincare because I am caring for my skin with products that boosts the skin’s natural properties and PH balance.

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