Every Folk: Rosa

March 12, 2017


Every Folk Rosa

Meet Rosa, a mother with sensitive skin and new convert to natural skin care. Here's what she said about Sola Skincare: 

I have sensitive skin, so I tend to stick to the basics when it comes to my skincare routine. I’m usually hesitant to try new products, as I never know how my skin will react, so once I find something I’m happy with I am pretty loyal. When I saw Sola Skincare at a local farmers market I was already eager to try their products as I’d heard so many good things from friends.

All Better Balm

All Better Balm 

I have struggled with a few problem areas on my skin over the years, such as eczema on my leg and the dry heels of my feet. So when Christine mentioned her All Better Balm to me I was excited to give it a go! I keep the balm next to my bed, so that I can rub some on my heels and legs before bed every night, and it’s made a huge difference!

The heels of my feet are now softer and I haven’t had any cracks since I started using it nightly. And with the cold winter weather that we’ve had plenty of this year, it’s been great to have something to rub on those dry spots that arise. As a mother I’ve enjoyed having a product that I’m confident in putting on my children. I may sneak into my son’s bedroom at night and rub this on his little fingers while he’s sleeping. ;)

Sola Skincare Tins

Coconut Deodorant 

When it came to deodorant, I was happy with how my usually deodorant was working, but I didn’t like the stories I was hearing about the ingredients. I found it concerning that some soaps couldn’t remove that layer of film that deodorant left at the end of the day. I had tried multiple natural deodorants over the years to try and find an alternative, but they never actually worked!

I was super excited when I heard about the natural deodorant that Sola Skincare carries; so many friends were giving it rave reviews! I love that I don’t have to worry about the chemicals I’m putting onto my skin, and I especially love that when I wash my armpits they feel clean without scrubbing off a layer of skin. I have been using the Sola Coconut Deodorant faithfully for months, and there is no going back now!


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