Every Folk Series: Tania

February 01, 2017

Meet Tania, a 35-year-old active mom, who tried three of Sola Skincare's all-natural products. Here is her take, "If Confidence Came in a Product":

sola skincare product review tania

I’m not that big on products. Anyone who knows me knows that I am pretty low maintenance in terms of the amount of time I spend getting ready or that I have no problem at all leaving the house very un-made up. I don’t care to spend a lot of money on various products claiming to do things that they say they will, I don’t like false promises nor putting a lot of unnecessary chemicals on my skin. To be completely honest I feel super great in my skin ... right now anyway.

Rewind to almost four years ago and I wasn’t feeling the same vibrancy in my skin confidence, shall I say. I had the most unbalanced skin type you could ever imagine. Super oily T-zone where it was prone to acne and then insanely dry, red, and blotchy cheeks. It was horrible and my biggest issue was that I had to use two completely different moisturizers on different parts of my face and even though I tried them all—even super expensive brands—nothing really worked all that well and I was spending so much money and time trying to make my skin look and feel good but never really getting a great result. I didn’t have a great feeling about the way my skin looked at all. I was settling for a skin care routine that was not serving me in ANYWAY!

I was introduced to the natural skincare products Christine was making right in the infancy stage. I remember getting together for a ladies night where we were talking about the products and giving them a try. I was super impressed first of all that these products were being made by someone I trusted. I knew Christine was honest in her approach to creating natural skincare; she was making these products based on her research in non-toxic ingredients that have wonderful benefits for your skin, without any nasty stuff hiding out in there. The products don’t just work but they really nourish your skin. This leads me into the first product that I would title “confidence in product form.”


Balancing Face Oil

    Sola Balancing Face Oil

      I almost passed on even trying this product. As I mentioned before I had the most unbalanced skin type ever. There were certain parts of my skin that were very oily. The thought of adding more oil made me cringe. I did go out on a limb and mix about four drops or so with a little water and start rubbing it on my face. It was pretty evident even from the fist try that this oil hadn’t added any oil to my face at all.

      The more I learned about Sola Balancing Face Oil, like the fact that the oils that make up this product like argan oil, tamanu oil, and sweet almond oil are all packed with vitamins, anti-oxidants, and ingredients that are healing and nourishing. They even get a little extra bang from the Chinese herbs that they are infused with.

      I’ve been using Sola Balancing Face Oil every day ever since then and I’m not kidding when I say that I feel like I’ve had a facial every time I use it. Seriously it never lets me down and I cannot imagine using anything else. It has completely evened out my skin tone– the dry spots are no longer dry and the oily spots are no longer oily. I’ve said goodbye to a lot of the redness that came with my skin type as well. It’s some serious liquid gold!

      Sola Rose Hydrosol

      Sola Rose Hydrosol

      Soon after trying the face oil, which I was mixing with water to blend it, I heard from a friend that it was better mixed with the Sola Rose Hydrosol. I didn’t think anything could make that face oil better than it was, but I was wrong, this toner does!

      Not only is Sola Rose Hydrosol able to hydrate the skin on its own, it also stimulates the skin, heightens blood flow, and helps to tighten pores.

      I never go on a flight without this toner in my bag as it keeps my skin feeling fresh and hydrated even in the driest conditions.

      It's now one of my staples and is just the is the absolute perfect pairing to the Sola Balancing Face Oil.

      Sola Coconut Deodorant

      3. Sola Coconut Deodorant

      There is a reason why this product is Sola Skincare’s bestseller. If you are like most other health-conscious women out there then you most likely have searched high and low for a natural deodorant that really works. I tried them all with results that didn’t even come close to what I was searching for. I did however not want to cake disgusting cancer-causing chemicals under my armpits though so I just went with the natural deodorants that were actually a bit of a joke.

      I lead a pretty active lifestyle, from teaching yoga and having a daily movement practice of dance, yoga, hiking, sometimes gym sessions, and chasing two kids around. The first time I wore Sola Coconut Deodorant I already had high expectations because I heard all the talk from others that were using it.

      From day one, this worked even better than the chemical deodorants ever did and what is in this product is so, so clean–it’s quite unbelievable! I remember going through a full day of yoga training and then going to a ballet class and coming home at the end of the day and still smelling really fresh and I didn’t even reapply it once. It really works that well, no lie.

      I also remember one day of yoga training where I forgot to put it on then came home and was holding my then three-year-old on the couch and she said, “Mom you don’t smell so good.” (Thanks hon!) I went into the bathroom and put the Sola Coconut Deodorant on and came back out to the same place and she looked at me and said, “That’s better!” This stuff even works if you put it on after the fact! Crazy I know.

      I can rest easy knowing that no matter how much I move that day or what kind of stressful situations I get placed in that I will at least be smelling just fine.

      So as you can see, I’m pretty excited these products came into my life when they did because I couldn’t imagine using anything else. The struggle was pretty real before I found Sola Skincare products. Being able to feel confident that you are in the best skin you can possibly be in is such a confidence booster.

      Feeling good about yourself trickles into so many areas of your life. If you have ever found yourself with some nice new pieces in your wardrobe and noticing how great you feel when you wear them then you can imagine how great you feel when you have completely changed the way your skin feels and looks on a daily basis. Taking those steps to improve something that you will have for the rest of your life feels pretty phenomenal.



      Disclaimer: All "Every Folk Series" participants choose products they'd love to try and receive those goods from us at Sola Skincare.

      All reviews and thoughts in these posts are theirs and theirs alone.



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