flecks of bee magic in our coconut deodorant

December 05, 2018

See those tiny flecks? To me it almost looks like a constellation.

I think it's beautiful, but I tend to find beauty in the imperfect.
This last batch of beeswax we used from our wonderful local beekeeper had more propolis in the mix. I asked the beekeeper about the flecks, as normally we don't see this and I was curious.

He gave me a deeper peek into the lives of bees 🐝
Turns out that ...."beeswax is almost white when it's first produced by the bees. The colour is developed over time as the bees work substances into them like honey, pollen and propolis. The darker colour and flecks is a result of more propolis in the mixture. This is something the bees form from tree resins and contains antibiotic properties. It’s one of the ways that bees reduce infection and disease in the hive...."

Wow. Isn't that incredible?
What I saw initially as a flaw, is something that reduces infection and disease in the hive.

I think we as a society need to check our expectations, sometimes do a little digging, learn a bit more.

However, I'm not going to lie... when I first saw the flecks while making that batch of our Coconut Deodorant, my heart sunk and I was worried I would not be able to use these deodorants. After learning more about the 'imperfections', it gave me a different perspective. Yet still, I was worried. Would customers reject an imperfect deodorant? Would they think our quality was dropping?

As a small handmade company that strives to waste less and reuse more, as well as educate & share information on zero waste, earth friendly products, practices and living, it seemed completely contradictory to even consider wasting perfectly good product.

Yet still, I keep some of those deodorants with larger flecks to the side....
It's one of many struggles that I have as a small business owner. Making decisions, choices, wondering what my amazing customers will think. Am I making the right choice? Will anyone care about a propolis fleck in their deodorant? Why do we expect products to look perfect all the time.

Ultimately the fact is, when you work with natural ingredients there is always variation. One batch will never be exactly the same as the next.

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