irritated armpits after sugaring?

April 26, 2022

Okay, so I'm not going to lie... I was definitely hesitant to do this video.... everyone will see my irritated and angry looking armpits!

But, I realized that I cannot be the only person who gets irritated armpits after getting sugared or waxed, so I got over myself and created this video for folks who may have a similar experience to mine.

There is a fix for irritated armpits after sugaring or waxing! 

After I get my armpits sugared, I take a break from the Coconut Deodorant (which is my absolute favourite but can be irritating after I get my armpits sugared), and use our Lemongrass Deodorant for Sensitive Skin for a few days while my armpits calm down and get back to normal. 

The Coconut Deodorant is our top seller, it is a workhorse and lasts through workouts, stress sweats, you name it. But it does have a higher concentration of baking soda (which is why it's so effective), which can be irritating for some. 

Our sensitive skin versions (available in two scents - Lemongrass or Lavender), still have a small amount of baking soda, but not as much. It's gentler for irritated skin. 

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