Low waste in the bathroom

October 09, 2019

Reducing waste in the bathroom...

There are many  changes we have made to reduce our environmental footprint, and while we are just one family, I know more and more folks are looking to reusables and environmentally friendly options to reduce waste in their household.


Together we can make a difference! Some of our favourite and really easy swaps...

Bamboo toothbrushes

I think it was around 3 or so years ago that I watched a video by a bamboo toothbrush company about how every plastic toothbrush, that has ever been made, still exists.


Take a minute to let that soak in... Images of older toothbrushes in a pile in a dumpster, old toothbrushes washed up on beaches or in the ocean, slowly breaking down...


It was a very easy and painless switch for us to make and we've been using Brush Naked bamboo toothbrushes ever since, for all family members. If we have over night guests who were not prepared, I gift them one since I bought a lot (since I love them so much). I've tried to convince my dentist to switch to bamboo toothbrushes in her practice, but so far no change there. We also refuse the 'goodie' bag of things from the dentist.

Cloth menstrual pads & The Diva Cup

There is a huge numbers of menstruators in our world, and there is a lot of waste generated by many of the single use products on the market. I will admit it took some getting used to the Diva Cup, but now that I've gotten the hang of it, I have waste free periods.

I love Lunapads as well for back up and light flow days. Simply wash them out in the shower and then launder with your towels, dish clothes, etc. I've had mine for years and they are still in excellent shape. I know the owners and they are amazing women, committed to making the world a better place.


Lunapads also carries and sells the Diva Cup. There are many other reusable cups on the market now (thank goodness) and there is a site you can go to if you're not sure which one will work for you.


I've had an ongoing battle with my hair all my life. I have fine hair (but a lot of it) but it tends to get oily and need frequent washings. I've always washed my hair daily, but know that the cycle of stripping our hair with harsh shampoos only causes your scalp to produce more sebum, making it a really hard cycle to break out of.



I'd say in the last 7-8 years, I've moved over to more natural shampoos, and have experimented with many no poo options, like baking soda washes and apple cider vinegar rinses. This works but over time I found (along with many others) that it makes your hair brittle and weak over time.  So I had to try something new.



I've experimented with rye flour (essentially mixing a few tbsp's of rye flour with water to make a crepe batter like mixture). It works, but it's not the most pleasant experience, and while I think it's definitely helped my hair transition away from needing harsh cleansers every day, it's not something I really wanted to continue with forever.



I've used shampoo bars as well, and love the one I've found from a local mom's business called Jack & Audrey's. I will always support a small local businesses if and when I can, and Sasha the owner is a truly lovely lady.


My husband hasn't washed his hair in years. He is a very clean man, showers and of course washes his hair with just water, and he has lovely hair. If he can do it, darnit so can I. So this is my most recent hair mission.

I haven't used shampoo, a shampoo bar, rye flour, apple cider vineger, nothing except water in the shower and a boar bristle brush. In over a week. Honestly I'm shocked. I've heard about these magical people who can get away without washing their hair (heck, I live with one of those magical people!) but I honestly didn't think I could ever do it. But it's working and I couldn't be more thrilled so far.

Deodorant & other skincare

Well I think this kind of goes without saying with me, but we've been using our Sola Coconut Deodorant (Lemongrass for my husband) ever since we created it. We refill our tins and have eliminated plastic deodorant container waste entirely. We use our balms, face oils, hydrosol and cleansing grains daily, and reuse the tins for things like holding jewelry while travelling, holding beads for making bracelets, spare change, etc.

These are some of the changes we've made in the bathroom, and really they are easy and once you make the switch, it just doesn't make any sense to ever go back. I'm saving money, and so.much.waste.

I would love to hear about your low waste bathroom switches!

What have you replaced? Given up?

What are you proud of??

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