Natural Skincare Summer Must Haves

June 18, 2018


Summer is here, wahoo! 

There are a few summer must-haves on our list, and for very good reasons!


Deodorant - this is an obvious one :) When the heat turns up, so can the stink so make sure you're covered naturally! Pick from our top selling Coconut Deodorant or if your skin is on the sensitive side, give our new Lemongrass or Lavender specifically formulated for those with sensitive skin, a try.


Rose Hydrosol - when it's hot outside this is a sweet way to cool down. It also provides much needed hydration and nourishment to your skin which you are losing on those hot days when your face is exposed the elements!


Balancing Face Oil - some are afraid of face oils - don't be! Ours is formulated with all non-comodogenic oils, meaning they will not clog your pores. Our Balancing Face Oil absorbs quickly and does not leave you greasy or oily. Use with the Rose Hydrosol for best results, and customize the amount you use based on your skin type and climate

All Better Balm - is a must have for all the small summer skin irritations. Think bug bites, cuts & scrapes, sunburn, chapped skin, eczema....


Go here to find all these goods in one place, and have a fabulous summer! Create memories, soak up that glorious Vitamin D, play outside, get your feet dirty, and have fun!  xo

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