The Bare Bum Balm: How It Heals Way Beyond The Diaper Years

May 08, 2017

Our family: Lila and Sophie
The other night our 5 year-old daughter Lila started crying inconsolably just before bedtime, saying her knee hurt. We were getting ready for bed, so we pulled out the Bare Bum Balm like we had many times in the past when our eldest Sophie (now almost 9 years-old) had similar growing pains. We use Bare Bum Balm for everything around the house, and have for years now. It has become our go to balm for any minor skin irritation, and we're using it far beyond the diaper years.
Girls in the Tree
Sophie used to get really painful growing pains and the only thing would help was the Bare Bum Balm, some leg massages by Eran or I, and sometimes a heating pad. We've done this for years, and now it seems like Lila is dealing with the same growing pains.
Sola Skincare Bare Bum Balm
Since we've been using it for years, our kids now have the positive association with the Sola Bare Bum Balm that it helps when they are hurting. It could be the light chocolate scent from the cocoa butter, the touch from mom and dad, or even the comfort of the familiar healing balm, but after applying it to Lila's knees last night, within minutes she was magically better!
Made with soothing and calming ingredients, I formulated the Bare Bum Balm to moisturize and nourish the delicate skin of a baby. The natural beeswax acts as a barrier against wetness, while the Chinese herb and calendula infusion helps to clear heat, as well as maintain a balance of moisture in the skin. We now use it so often in our home that I often forget I created the balm to heal diaper rash when our kids were babies and toddlers.

Sola Skincare Bare Bum Balm

Here are 13 other ways we have used the Bare Bum Balm besides healing diaper rash:

  1. Comforting leg and arm rubs by mom and dad
  2. Healing scrapes and scratches
  3. Soothing bug bites (it helps take away the itch)
  4. Relieving minor burns, sunburns, or wind-burns
  5. Chapped skin from harsh weather
  6. Easing the red under your child's runny nose when they have a cold (it's safe if they lick it!)
  7. Preventing chapped cheeks and skin (use it before you send the wee-ones outside)
  8. Applying it as a nipple balm while nursing
  9. Healing the dry and scaly type of eczema (but not the wet, weepy type)
  10. Putting it on your lips! (We've had people tell us they use it as a lip balm many times)
  11. Protecting your hands from the dryness of digging in the dirt (It's a great salve for the gardener!)
  12. Using it as a massage balm
  13. Easing rashes and irritations (Our customer Julie calls it a mom must-have!)

To learn more about the Sola Bare Bum Balm, please click here.

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