Every Folk Series: Amy

January 12, 2017

The Every Folk Series is something new for 2017.

We'll be featuring guest blog posts and reviews from everyday folks from all walks of life, of all ages and each with their own skin concerns.

This is Amy... She's nineteen.
Here are her thoughts.
sola skincare review balancing face oil rose hydrosol coconut deodorant


Truthfully I've never been one to spend much time or money on skincare products; I've never had to. I was blessed to grow up pimple-free and with soft skin on my face. Besides the occasional dry skin in my t-zone during the cold months, I've only ever used water to clean or moisturize my face. When I was introduced to Sola, I was slightly skeptical. What could these products do for my skin when it was fine on it's own? What if they bothered my sensitive skin?

I started with the Calendula & Rose Cleansing Grains. Right away I loved it! The natural smell of oatmeal mixed with hints of rose make for a great mixture. I scrubbed my entire face and neck with the mix before bed and by the next morning my skin had already noticeably improved. It was smoother than ever before, and my dry flaky t-zone had begun to soften as well. 



That same morning I gave the Balancing Face Oil a try. Normally I tend to stay away from putting straight oils on my face. I had always been under the impression that oil will clog the pores, cause breakouts and leave the skin looking greasy and shiny. This oil is far different. Its light formula absorbed quickly into my skin, leaving no grease or shine at all. By this point, it felt as though there were no traces of dry skin left in my t-zone. I use about two drops in the morning and usually one before bed.


Paired with the Balancing Face Oil, the sweet natural smelling Rose Hydrosol makes for an extremely soft and nourished face. However, I've found that the Rose Hydrosol can be used for other purposes as well. I sent my mother out with the spray bottle for the day as she is smack dab in the middle of menopause. She reported back saying it was such a relief to have it soak in and cool/moisturize her skin during a hot flash. I personally give myself a quick spritz after a workout. It not only cools me off but makes me smell pretty too!


coconut deodorant sola skincare natural deodorant

As for the Coconut Deodorant, I'm not sure what I would do without it now. Growing up an athlete, I used whatever deodorant my mom brought home. Dove, Lady Speed Stick, Secret, etc. I even tried my Dad's heavy duty men's deodorant - nothing worked. It became frustrating to have constant body odour after every practice, and require a shower before I could go anywhere or do anything. No matter what scent the drugstore deodorant came with, the body odour prevailed. After graduating, I pretty much gave up; always carried an extra shirt around with me and reapplied deodorant every couple of hours to try to tame the smell and dampness. Then I was introduced to Sola's Coconut Deodorant. This formula of baking soda and arrowroot powder has definitely changed everything. It's the only deodorant I've found that 100% leaves no trace of body odour after a workout or just day-to-day activities. I've found that I can do morning yoga classes and then head straight off to work without even having to reapply!


sola skincare review





Disclaimer: All "Every Folk Series" participants choose products they'd love to try and receive those goods from us at Sola Skincare.

All reviews and thoughts in these posts are theirs and theirs alone.

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