Wellness Ritual: A Relaxing Facial Steam

March 24, 2017

Facial Steam

One of the ways to maintain the skin’s health is by steaming your face once or twice a month. In addition to the daily application of the Sola Face Collection, a relaxing facial steam opens your pores and stimulates the circulation in your face, allowing for deeper penetration of the natural skin care.

This wellness ritual also relaxes you as you breathe in the aroma of herbs or essential oils. Our favourite additions to the facial steam are lavender buds (a natural stress-reliever and an anti-bacterial) or rose petals (an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory), or extracted in an essential oil.

The addition of Himalayan salt to the hot water can also help to clear the sinus and help with congestion when you breathe in the steam.

How to have a facial steam at home:

Sola Calendula and Rose Cleansing Grains

Prepare your skin.

Once you begin steaming, you will open your pores so you want to ensure your face is clean. Gently wash the Sola Cleansing Grains onto your face in circular motions, removing any makeup. You can also pull your hair away from your face with a headband or elastic. 

Get your facial steam ready.

First, turn on your kettle to boil some filtered water. Then, find a place in your home where you can sit comfortably and where the bowl can safely rest, such as at the kitchen table.

Prepare a heat-proof bowl with some essential oils or herbs like lavender or rose in advance of your water boiling. Once your water is boiled, pour the hot water straight from the kettle into your bowl letting some steam escape.

Enjoy the sensations of the facial steam.

Once you are ready to steam, drape a towel over top of your head and the bowl so the steam does not escape any further. Keep your face at a safe distance from the facial steam to prevent burns and then relax. Deep breathe through your nose to clear your sinuses and to become more mindful.

Continue to keep your head over the bowl until the water cools (approximately 15 minutes). Trust yourself to end the facial steam at any time you become uncomfortable, experience dizziness, or feel overheated.

Sola Face Collection

Nourish your skin.

Once you have finished steaming, you can cool your skin by spritzing your face with the Sola Rose Hydrosol. Because your pores have opened from the facial steam, you will achieve a deeper penetration of the Sola Balancing Face Oil. Gently massage several drops onto your face and let your skin soak up the healing properties of the Chinese medicinal herbs and organic natural oils.

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