Why you'll LOVE our Balancing Face Oil

October 26, 2016

For at least 20 years, I used a cream on my face as a moisturizer. I used a few drugstore brands, and never really had a problem with them. Until I started reading ingredient lists and was lead down the rabbit hole of natural skincare.

Growing up I had combination skin that tended towards oily with breakouts (especially during the teenage years). I never would have considered putting oil on my face. But once I started reading ingredients on the products I had been using for years, I discovered that they all contained oils (and not great ones at that), and when mixed with water (and a laundry list of other ingredients) they were creams. So why not figure out a better way?

After plenty of research, product development and testing, we created our gold standard serum, Balancing Face Oil. No fillers, no preservatives, no water, no synthetics.... our Balancing Face Oil is the ultimate in skin hydration, nourishment and enrichment. The Chinese herbs chosen for this oil are known to improve the appearance of the skin and provide micro-nutrients to nourish and 'beautify' the skin. This is one very special and unique thing that sets our products apart from many others.

balancing face oil

When used alongside our Rose Hydrosol, our Balancing Face Oil is delivered deeply into the layers of your skin, instantly hydrating and nourishing. It absorbs quickly, and does not leave any residue. It leaves your skin soft, glowing and healthy. We always recommend using these two together, it's next level skin care goodness!

balancing face oil rose hydrosol

Every so often, almost as an experiment, I'll try a cream again. The first thing I notice is that I can feel it sitting like a cold layer on my skin. It kind of makes sense - if you were to put a drop of oil onto paper towel, it will quickly seep in, while a cream will sit on top. This is how my skin feels when I use a cream. It's so interesting though; I never ever noticed it before, and it never bothered me in the past. Recently I tried another cream, and again I was reminded of why I love our Balancing Face Oil so much. It feels amazing, makes my skin look fantastic, and is so chock full of superstar ingredients.

People are hesitant to try a face oil. Oils and serums aren't the 'norm', they can be more expensive and people are really hesitant to believe they won't make their skin oily. The other things about serums and oils is that you only use a little at a time, a little does go a long way, so it lasts longer than you may think. I use between 2 & 4 drops per day.

I can't speak for all serums and face oils but I can speak for our Balancing Face Oil.  So many people who were unsure for so long about trying it, have found that it has helped even out their skin tone, reduced acne scarring, softened and smoothed the texture of their skin, renewed the look and feel of their skin and now just can't imagine using anything else. When you try it, the first thing you notice is the earthy scent. Then you'll notice how nicely and quickly it absorbs into the skin. You'll notice your skin isn't oily, or shiny. It's hydrated, soft, smooth and happy.

Check out our Balancing Face Oil and Rose Hydrosol Combos here.



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