Why We Use Our Fingers to Put On Natural Deodorant

May 01, 2018

Using Your Finger for Natural Deodorant

Does using your fingers to apply deodorant seem strange to you? If you are looking to make the change to natural deodorants but you question the application, here are some points we've considered as to why changing our thinking around these conventions is a commitment to a clean and green lifestyle. 

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The ingredients we use in our Coconut Deodorant firm up and soften depending on the outside temperature, and so the consistency of our deodorant can also change with weather fluctuations. In warmer weather, the deodorant may be softer to the touch, whereas in cooler environments, it may firm up a bit.


With conventional anti-perspirant and deodorant sticks, we prohibit the body from sweating by blocking the pores. Many people have commented on how conventional deodorants leave a film on the body that is hard to remove. Every time you apply your deodorant with your fingertips, remember the good you are doing your body. You are allowing your skin a chance to sweat and detox naturally.

Reduce Plastic, Re-use Your Tin

Tins for Natural Deodorant

Sola Skincare aims to reduce our ecological imprint by choosing the greenest option. The number one reason we chose a tin for our Coconut Deodorant is to reduce the use of plastic. While we have looked at the option of having a cardboard and compostable push-top deodorant, the cost is prohibitive at the moment and we've had feedback that it can be messy and difficult to use.

We’ve all heard the 3-Rs--reduce, reuse, and recycle. When we commit to an eco-friendly lifestyle, we find creative ways to follow this saying. Once you have finished the Coconut Deodorant in your tin, we recommend that you wash and re-use it for other purposes--something you can't do with the conventional stick packaging. 

Here are 5 (Sola-tested!) ways to re-use your tins:

  1. Collect change or have a handy spot for paperclips.
  2. Pack a single serving of loose-leaf tea for your work break
  3. Keep jewellery organized in your luggage and during travel.
  4. Store spices and dried herbs for freshness in your cupboard.
  5. Divvy out small quantities of toiletries for easy transport.

Learn more about our Coconut Deodorant here.

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