Balms: What are they good for?

July 05, 2017 1 Comment

"What's the difference between the balms?" We get that question often, so thought we should clear things up.

Bare Bum Balm - this was created out of necessity when our girls were young. They never had terrible diaper rash but from time to time when they did, I wanted a balm that was effective and only contained clean ingredients. This balm is great for diaper rash and is cloth diaper safe. Over the years, we've found that it really does have a multitude of uses, from eczema, to sunburn, soothing the itch of bug bites, and even lipbalm in a pinch.


Our All Better Balm is the grown-up version of our Bare Bum Balm. With a higher concentration of essential oils then is recommended for babies and young children, our All Better Balm also has the added ingredient of Tamanu Oil, known for it's soothing properties, as well as Frankincense Essential Oil, known to improve micro-circulation, soothe and rejuvenate the skin. We love the All Better Balm for minor eczema patches, and as aftercare for new tattoos!


Our Soft Skin Balm is a super hydrating shea butter based balm. The Chinese herbs we infuse in olive oil are known to be soothing, nourishing, and moisturizing. This is a thicker balm due to the high concentration of organic shea butter and beeswax so it takes a few minutes to absorb, but you'll be treated with hydrated skin for hours. This balm is exquisite on the parts that do a lot of work, but don't get a lot of love; elbows, hands and feet. I love to slather it onto my feet bat night, cover with cotton socks and leave for an hour or even overnight. My feet have never been so soft.


Our Relief Balm is our version of a warming balm for achy joints and muscles, or even to help soothe the pain from arthritis. The Chinese herbs are warming and improve blood circulation which helps warms muscles, ligaments and tendons and relieve pain. It's a great balm for sore and achy muscles, and also a wonderful balm to use when getting or giving a massage!


Last but not least, our Coconut Deodorant. Not really a balm, but similar enough in texture. This is our top seller by far. It can be really hard to find a natural deodorant that works, and we have so many happy customers who have found the jackpot with our deodorant. It smells subtly like coconut (only from the coconut oil), and really works against odor. It's not an anti-perspirant (we think you should sweat!), but it works on stink. All it takes is a pea sized amount in each armpit, and you're good to go. Works equally well on man and woman stink. Also a great starter deodorant once the kids start getting stinky.

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Hanna Miskiman
Hanna Miskiman

September 18, 2017

I have been using the All Better Balm for a bad scrape on the heal of my hand and knuckles. I find that putting it on at night before going to bed results in great improvements. It’s also great to reapply as needed while going through the itchy period of healing.

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