Easy fix for lumpy natural deodorant

January 11, 2023 1 Comment

Getting a peak behind the scenes, learning a bit more about certain processes, struggles, mishaps etc, allows you as the customer, to see a different side of small businesses like mine.

I know lumps in natural deodorant can be a problem from time to time, so I created this video to demonstrate how easy it is to get your deodorant back to smooth again :)


I hope it's helpful! I also wanted to share this email exchange I had recently with one of the loveliest customers.


Kathy: "Hi,
When I apply the deodorant, it has some little hard balls and is difficult to apply; as I rub it in they fall to the floor creating a bit of a mess.  Any suggestions to change the consistency?
Thanks, Kathy"


Christine: "Hi Kathy, This does seem to happen from time to time and I agree that it is annoying! Thankfully the solution is really easy. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees, open your tin of deo and put it on a cookie sheet and then into the oven for 20 minutes. Once it's melted, take it out of the oven, give it a quick and careful stir with a chopstick or end of a spoon, and let it firm back up again. Smoothness is returned. I'm sorry, I know it's annoying and it does seem to happen from time to time. The reasons are varied, but it can be from the various oils cooling down at different rates, because of fluctuations in temperature, or because of oils crystalizing. It's been a frustrating thing for me as well, but I'm happy the solution is quick and easy. I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions :) 


Note: **Oven temp is 200 degrees fahrenheit (not celsius).


Kathy: "Thank you so much.  I will do that.  Don’t be sorry as I love your deodorant and it’s an easy fix.  I hope others don’t stop using it because of the issue.  Natural products can be temperamental which is why I know the industry puts all that crap in theirs. Thank you for being a part of my healthy living. Besides, the benefits far outweigh this annoyance!"

Christine: "Thanks for being so understanding Kathy, so appreciated! And you're totally right, natural products can definitely be temperamental. I'm so thankful that you understand this and are okay with it all. I was thinking of sending out a newsletter, including some quotes from our conversation about lumpy deodorant, as an education series to folks. Are you okay with that? I just felt like it was a really good conversation and explanation that would be helpful for other folks. Let me know - thanks!"

Kathy: "Absolutely!  What a great idea as some people may just give up using it as opposed to asking for some suggestions.  I was actually going to suggest you do something to get the word out so you don’t lose repeat customers.   It was such an easy fix and is perfectly smooth again.  I enjoyed doing it actually lol.  I think going from hot summer to cold temps is where the consistency changed. 
I do notice it is softer in summer months than winter.

Christine: "Thanks so much, yes I think the temperature change is definitely a factor! Thanks Kathy :)



It was a lovely exchange that I thought would be helpful to share with you all.

I recognize that not everyone wants the bother of having to do this if your deodorant is lumpy. As the owner of this business, truthfully making the deodorant, while it's my favourite product (and I know it is for so many of you as well), I have seriously considered dropping it as a product on offer. From issues with lumps, to the stress and strain it puts on my body to hand pour each tin, it's kind of my nemesis and my golden child at the same time.

I don't want to stop making it (I've had so many lovely folks tell me I can never stop, lol), so instead, I thought I'd explain some of the issues it can have, and you can decide if it's something you're cool with or not. I'm good with your choice either way.

I've always dreaded talking about issues with natural deodorant, but if running a small business has taught me anything, it's that folks are supportive and understanding. I don't have all the answers, but I do my best. 

I do hope this was helpful, and gives you a peek into a day in the life at Sola Skincare :)


Phew that was very text heavy, and if you've made it this far, thanks for reading along.

If you have any questions, concerns or just wanted to tell me something, please email me at info@solaskincare.com

I do love hearing from you!

Best, Christine

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Laurie Johnson
Laurie Johnson

May 04, 2022

Please don’t ever stop making the deodorant! I LOVE it and it WORKS!! I would be only too happy to have to do the melting procedure ( if needed) rather than not being able to buy it. I am just sorry it is hard on your hands to make it. I hung wallpaper professionally for 37 years so I know only too well how hard your job can be on your body, take care. Colin Harris recommended your company to me and I am so happy he did. :-)

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